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Keeble Outlets Backpack Laundry Bag, 22 by 28 Inches

backpack laundry bag


  • Made of a Strong Durable Nylon

  • Commercial Grade Quality, Created to Handle the Rigors of Large, Industrial and/or Commercial Laundry Houses

  • This Laundry Bag Has Two Shoulder Straps Making it Easier to Haul Your Laundry To and From

  • The Heavy Duty Straps are Strong and Wide enough to Fit Comfortably on Your Shoulders

  • Made in China


A Laundry Bag that is Big Yet Easy to Carry and Commercial Grade. Most Laundry Bags Cannot Carry the Weight that you Need them To Because they are made of thin Nylon and have poor stitching. The Keeble Outlets Backpack Laundry Bag is Made of Strong Durable Nylon and has Superior Stitching and Thick Straps to help you Safely Climb Up and Down Stairs or Haul it To and From your Car. This Laundry Bag is just the Right Size Allowing you to carry two to three loads with ease, but not too Large to make it difficult to carry.


Keeble Outlets 3/4 Inch Anti Fatigue Mat – 20 x 39 Inches



  •  Never Have to Worry About Replacing Your Damaged Comfort Kitchen Mat Ever Again. We Replace any Damaged Comfort Mats for the Lifetime of the Mat.

  •  This is the Best Anti Fatigue Mat Because it Is Large Enough to be Suitable For Any Use, You Can Easily Wipe Away Any Spill and It Stands Up to Daily Use.

  •  Our Cushion Comfort Mat is 3/4 Inch Thick and a Has High Density, Low Memory, Solid Foam Core Technology That is Extremely Comfortable and Supportive But Will Not Lose Shape and Leave Foot Indentations Like Other Gel Anti Fatigue Mats.

  •  Our Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats Can Be Used at Your Standing Desk, Bathroom Vanity,Or For Your Work Space. It Works Anywhere Relief From Standing Is Required.

  •  Our Floor Mat is Shipped in a Flat Box, So No creases or Curved Edges


An Anti-Fatigue Mat is Perfect For a Standing Desk, Kitchen Floor, Retail Counter or Bathrooms. Researchers have found that standing for as little as 90-minutes a day, for five days, on a concrete floor can cause serious discomfort to the feet, legs and back, as well as causing stiffness to the neck and shoulders. Standing for periods longer than 90 minutes can result in even more serious conditions such as circulatory problems. Our Anti Fatigue Mat Helps Make Many of Those Discomforts Disappear. Our Kitchen Mat is Simple in Design Therefore it Will Work with Any Type of Decor. Why Not Make Every Room Where you Have to Stand for Extended Periods More Comfortable.


Large Laundry Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Commercial Grade 100% Nylon (30 X 40 Inches)

  •  CarryLaundryBag30x40image 360x529We Offer A Lifetime Warranty – Imagine Never Having to Worry About Buying Another Laundry Bag Ever Again, If It Breaks Or Wears Out …. WE WILL REPLACE IT!!

  •  We Want to Ensure that Our Bag Will Suit a Variety of Needs, So We Have Made it Large Enough To Carry A Huge Pile of Clothes, But Because We Know Everyone Has Different Needs, We Offer Our Laundry Bags in Different Colors and Sizes.

  •  We Have Made Recent Improvements Based on Customer Feedback: Our Shoulder Strap is Now Adjustable And Our String Lock Now Uses the New B-Lok Technology. These Upgrades Make the Strap Comfortable for Persons of Any Height, and the B-Lok Ensures that the Bag Will Remain Closed No Matter the Weight of the Bag Contents.

A laundry bag that is big yet easy to carry and is commercial grade. Most laundry bags cannot carry the weight that you need them to because they are made of thin nylon with poor stitching. And, if you do find a larger laundry bag, it has no shoulder strap for you to safely climb up and down stairs or haul it to and from your car. Keeble Outlets has the solution. A jumbo sized laundry bag that can carry three or four loads of laundry with ease. Produced specifically for us, our laundry bag is made of commercial grade nylon that can take the abuse of trips up and down the stairs to your washer, back and forth from your dorm room or to the laundromat and back. At Keeble Outlets we work hard to provide our customers with high quality products that are both functional and durable.


 Professional Microfiber Dust Mop with Telescoping Extendable Handle. Great For Many Surfaces Including Hardwood, Laminate and Tile Flooring.



  • We Offer A LIFETIME WARRANTY. Imagine Never Having to Worry About Buying Another Mop Ever Again, if it Bends, if it Breaks or if it Just Wears Out …. WE WILL REPLACE IT!!

  • Our Heavy Gauge Aluminum Handle Extends Up to 5 Feet or 60 Inches Making it Comfortable for a Person of Any Height to Get to Those Hard to Reach Places.

  •  Our Dust Mop Comes With A Wet Mop Pad That Can Either be Used Dry for Dusting or Wet for Cleaning. Dust Pads are also Available from Keeble Outlets if You Prefer to Have One of Each.

  •  This Microfiber Dust Mop Comes Completely Assembled and the Package Includes Instructions for Disassembling and Reassembling the Mop Components if Required.

  •  This Mop Can be Used on Any Flooring Surface, Including Hardwood, Laminate and Tile.

This Kit contains a Microfiber wet mop pad, one heavy duty telescoping aluminum pole and one 16″ aluminum heavy duty trapezoid mop frame. Additional Mop Pads can be purchased through Amazon. This product is a commercial grade microfiber floor / dust or wet mop with a washable Pad. The mop pads are great for laminate, tile or hardwood, so it has the versatility to do a great job on any hard surface floor in your home. The pads can also be used as a sweeper broom. You can use your own cleaner or soap for mopping, so there is no need to go out and purchase new cleaning products if you already have some. This product can not be purchased at any box store or popular retail location!!! The qualities of this mop also make it valuable for janitorial and private housekeeper cleaning services. Additional Mop Pads can be purchased through Amazon.


18-pack Tea Towels – Includes (6 Each) Blue Stripe, Gold Stripe and Red Stripe 100% Cotton, 24 Oz, Professional Grade Kitchen Towels with Herringbone Weave for Exceptional Absorption.


  • Most Manufacturers Offer a Terrycloth Towel That is a Poly/Cotton Blend – Why Use Plastic (Polyester) When Trying to Clean Spills? Nothing Absorbs as Nicely as Cotton. Our Dish Towels Are A 100% Cotton Towel, Just Like Your Grandmother Used to Use.

  • Our Dish Towels Are the Exact Same Kitchen Towels Used in Your Local Four and Five Star Restaurant. If it is Good Enough for the Top Chefs in the Country, it Should be Perfect for Your Kitchen as Well.

Why should any kitchen or any cook have to deal with dish towels that disintegrate after only a few washes, or shrink so much they start to more closely resemble a dish rag? Simple – you want kitchen towels that last, are absorbent enough to dry your dishes quickly and don’t leave lint all over your plates and glasses. You always hear “Use the right tools for the job” Well, these Keeble Kitchen Towels are the right tools, whether you are running a large professional kitchen or like most of us, the family kitchen! Typical retail towels might work well for simply matching the décor of your kitchen, but they really aren’t designed to get the job done time after time. Don’t take any chances with lower quality towels. The saying “you get what you pay for”, is always so true! Constructed of 24-ounce (commercial weight) higher density cotton. Towels are washed at high temperatures with bleach agents to ensure minimal shrinkage. Towels come in a herringbone design to improve absorbency. Item measures approximately 14.5-inches by 26-inches for each individual full-sized towels.

Keeble Outlets Drawstring Mesh Ball Bag With Shoulder Strap, 30 x 40 Inches

ball bag

  • Heavy duty mesh equipment bag with shoulder strap for easy carrying

  • Jumbo size and built super tough to handle the rigors of the athletic fields, beaches and courts of the world

  • Locking drawstring to secure all of your gear

Finally, a mesh bag built to handle the tough world of organized sports, salt and sand of the ocean or being stretched with pads and gear. Built from commercial grade nylon mesh with a locking closure and a shoulder strap to help carry dozens of pounds of equipment.

Markee Premium Microfiber Floor Mop Includes Our Longest Very Strong 72 Inch Telescoping Handle and a High Quality Mop Pad Which Works Well For Dusting or Wet Mopping

  • Commercial grade materials make this mop effective for heavy usage or long lasting for normal household use

  • Perfect for hardwood floors – great for any surface

  • Our Velcro backing allows you to wash and re-use the pads so you are not throwing your money away

  • 72 Inch Telescoping handle that accommodates various heights and tasks

  • Lightweight but extremely durable aluminum with end caps to protect baseboards


This Kit contains a Microfiber wet mop pad, one heavy duty telescoping aluminum pole and one 16″ aluminum heavy duty trapezoid mop frame. Additional Mop Pads can be purchased through Amazon. This product is a commercial grade microfiber floor / dust or wet pop with a washable Pad. The mop pads are great for laminate, tile or hardwood, so it has the versatility to do a great job on any hard surface floor in your home. The pads can also be used as a sweeper broom. You can use your own cleaner or soap for mopping, so there is no need to go out and purchase new cleaning products if you already have some. This product can not be purchased at any box store or popular retail location!!! This mop has previously only been available to commercial and industrial cleaning Companies. The qualities of this mop also make it valuable for janitorial and private housekeeper cleaning services. Additional Mop Pads can be purchased through Amazon.


Stroller Organizer With a Large Open Bag With Plenty of Room for All Your Needs. It Doubles as an Easy Access Seniors Walker Bag. With No Compartments Limiting What You Can Carry.



  • Large Compartment – Our Stroller Organizer Has A Large 18 by 10 Inch Pouch That Can Store Your Keys, Sunglasses, Wallet, Kids Snacks, Bottled Water and Much More
  • Durable – This Walker Bag Will Hold Up To he Rough and Tough Daily Wear and Tear Because of the Oxford Weave in the Material, Which is Thicker and Stronger Than Your Average Weave.
  • Adjustable – Our Baby Stroller Organizer Bag Has Seven Velcro Straps to Attach to Your Stroller. The Velcro Has A Strong and Secure Hold and Can Be Secured At The Top and Sides of Your Stroller So It Won’t Swing Around As You Go.

This Stroller Organizer Can Also Fit A Standard Size Walker. Use it to Help Organize Your Life While Out With Your Kids Pushing A Stroller Or If You Are Using A Walker to Stay Mobile. This Large Pouch Can Fit Your Wallet, Sunglasses, Phone, Keys and Even a Water Bottle With a Secure Lid. This Walker Bage Will Allow You to Be Out For A Stroll With Out Having to Carry Anything In Your Hands. It Zips Up For a Secure and Safe Closure for Your Personal Items. Our Stroller Organiser Has Three Velcro Straps Across the Top and Two on Each Side Ensuring That it Will Fit Almost Any Stroller. When You Want To Remove it You Simply Undue the Velcro Straps and Its Off.

Trouser Hangers (20 Pack), Stainless Steel with Rubber Non-Slip Coating


  • DURABLE – Trouser Hangers Are Made With A Strong Stainless Steel That Will Not Bend With Even the Heaviest of Pants.
  • NON-SLIP COATING – No One Likes Having To Pick Your Close Up Off Of Your Closet Floor, The Rubber Paint Non-Slip Coating Will Keep Your Items Where You Left Them.
  • SLEEK DESIGN – Trouser Hangers Have No Sharp Edges to Ensure Your Clothes Keep Shape and Are Not Damaged, They Are Also Narrow Enough to Allow You To Hang Plenty of Clothes In A Small Space

Keeble Outlets Trouser Hangers (20 Pack) Are Great for Hanging Your Pants, Skirts or Shorts. These Durable Slacks Hangers Have a Rubber Non-Slip Coating To Keep Your Clothing in Place. These Pant Hangers Are Also Small Enough to Not Over Stuff Your Closet.



Accessorizing Closet Hangers (50 Pack). Hang Your Coats, Dresses, Sweaters, Shirts, Pants, Ties, or Scarfs



  • FIGHTING WITH YOUR HANGERS? Our Accessorizing Clothes Hangers Are Designed To Make It Easy For You To Hang Clothes of Any Shape or Configuration.
  • NEED ORGANIZATION? These Hangers Have Slots For Slim Straps, Narrow Necked Shirts or Dresses, Ties, Belts and Scarves Which Allow You To Hang Everything and Keep Your Closet Neat and Tidy.
  • KEEP FINDING YOUR CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR? Our Hangers Have Strategically Placed Silicone Strips To Keep Even Your Silkiest of Clothing On Their Hangers.

These Amazing Hangers Will Work With Any Type of Clothing You Want To Hang. The Shape of the Accessory Hangers Allow You To Fit Shirts or Dresses with a Narrow Neckline Without Having to Stretch Your Clothing. There is Also Many Different Slots to Fit Ties, Belts or Scarves. Which Means You Can Organize Your Closet By Outfit. The Versatility of These Hangers Is Incredible. If You are Looking to Organize Your Closet With Durable, Easy to Use Hangers, These Are Right For You!

Leather Portfolio Folder, 2 Professional Leather Padfolio Folders, Great for Your Office, for College Students or for Carrying Your Resume to Job Interviews



  • SLEEK AND STYLISH – Our Portfolios Have a Professional Design and Are Not Too Bulky So They Fit Nicely Into Most Brief/Carrying Cases.
  • DURABLE – Our Padfolio’s Are Made of Premium PU Leather That Is Strong Enough To Handle Daily Wear and Tear. If Dirty, A Quick Swipe With A Damp Cloth is All They Will Need.
  • TWO PACK – Our Package Contains 2 Professional Portfolio Folders, Each Having a Letter Size Refillable Note Pad and Various Pockets to Organize Your Business Cards, Reports, Class Notes, Resumes, etc.

Keeble Outlets Padfolio (2 Packs) Are Professional In Design and Made of Durable Easy to Clean Material. Each Portfolio Comes With Its Own Refillable Letter Size Note Pad. There is Also an Elastic Loop To Keep Your Pen and One Large Pocket Suitable To Keep Letter Sized Reports, Magazines or Even Your Resume. The Pad Holder Also Has Two Smaller Pockets, One With a Clear Front To Allow You To Display Your Business Cards and The Other To Keep The Business Cards Your Receive. This Padfolio (2 Pack) Is Perfect For Business On The Go. Just Stock It Up With Your Essentials And You Are Ready For Business. Keep One In Your Car For Those Last Minute Meetings or Opportunities You Weren’t Expecting and Be Ahead of the Others.

Adventure Hammock, Camping Hammock, Made of Parachute Nylon, Folds Into Light Weight Carry Bag


  • TIRED OF BRINGING BULKY MATTRESSES TO SLEEP ON? Why Not Try Out the Amazing Comfort of This Camping Hammock, That Way You’ll Also Be Off The Ground and Further Away From Those Annoying Bugs.
  • WANT SOMETHING QUICK AND EASY TO SET UP? Our Adventure Hammock Comes With Everything You’ll Need to Set it Up Quickly and Easily, All You Need To Find Are Some Trees to Tie it to.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – We Stand Behind The Quality of Our Products, If Your Hammock Rips or Tears We Will Replace it!

Portable Camping Hammock that Folds Easily Into a Small Carrying Bag. It is Comfortable and Easy to Set Up. The Adventure Hammock Comes With the Ropes and Hooks for Setting Up Quickly. The Portable Hammock is Made of 100% Parachute Nylon, Which is Lightweight and Easy to Add to Your Backpack.


UV Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White – Universal Fit Sleeves to Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure



  • CONSTANTLY BURNING YOUR ARMS? Our UV Sleeves Protect up to 98 Percent of UV Caused by the Suns Harmful Rays.
  • WANT TO COVER UP AND NOT OVER-HEAT? – Our Compression Sleeves Cover Your Arm Without The Hassle of Having to Wear an Extra Shirt.
  • TOO TIGHT SLEEVES? Our UV Protective Arm Sleeves Are Stretchy Enough to Comfortably Fit Most Arms.

Keeble Outlets UV Arm Protection Sleeves Come In A 6 Pack So You Can Wear a New One Almost Every Day of the Week. They are Made of A Stretchy, Comfortable Material So You Can Wear Them All Day Long. The White Compression Sleeves Will Go With Any Shirt You Want to Wear. These Sleeves Will Be Great For Everyday Sun Protection or For Any Of Your Outdoor Sporting Needs. They are Unisex and Will Fit Most Arms Comfortably.


Keeble Outlets Black Rubber Door Stop (5 Pack) – This Door Stop Wedge is Great For Indoor Use on Many Different Floor Surfaces



  • KEEP CRUSHING YOUR DOORSTOPS? Our Black Rubber Door Stopper is Reinforced on the Bottom With Four Horizontal Slats for Extra Durability.
  • BULKY STOPS TAKING TOO MUCH SPACE? Our Door Stops Are Sleek in Design, But Still Provide Great Staying Power to Keep Your Doors Open.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! We Offer A Lifetime Warranty, If Your Door Stops Tear or Crush We Will Replace Them!

Our Keeble Outlets Durable and Stylish Black Rubber Door Stop is Great to Use For Many Floor Surfaces. Our Rubber Door Stopper Will Help Keep the Air Flow Going in Your Home. Can Easily Be Used on Tile, Hardwood or Carpet Flooring to Keep Your Doors Open. The Rubber Door Wedge Will Help Keep Your Door From Sliding.

Scrubbing Wet Mop Pads (2 Pack) Removes More Dirt Per Swipe Than Any Pad We Have Tested, Machine Washable and Drier Friendly. Amazing Results on Hardwood Floors.

scrubbing pad

  • Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Floors – The Black Scrubbers Clean The Tough Stuff, So You Can Get The Floors Cleaner Faster
  • Long Lasting: These Pads Are More Durable and Longer Lasting Than Most Pads
  • Standard Size: Our Scrubbing Pads Are 18 Inches Long and 5 Inches Wide
  • Versatile: This Scrubbing Wet Mop Pad is Great on All Floors Including; Hardwood, Laminate and Tile

Why Not Make it Easier On Yourself With A Mop Pad That Does Some of the Work For You. Our Unique Mop Pad Has A Black Scrubber That Lifts the Dirt While the White Area Soaks it Up.

Dust Mop Pads (2 Pack) Our Thickest and Most Durable Dust Pad. Grabs More Dust Than Standard Pads. If You Have Pets, You Need This Pad.


  • Reduce Your Dusting Time: These pads pick up more Dust and Dander per swipe than standard pads.
  • Washable: Can be machine washed and machine dried.
  • Durable: Pads are twice as thick as standard dust pads allowing then to perform better and last longer.
  • Use On Any Floor Surface: Hardwood safe and very effective on all other floor types as well, tile, laminate, linoleum.
  • 18 inches by 5 inches: attaches to most 16 inch to 18 inch microfiber mop frames.

You won’t believe how much pet hair and dander you can easily pick up with these dust pads. Don’t have a pet? – These pads are still the best dust catchers you will find, and let’s face it we all end up with dusty floors. Why not reduce your dusting time so you have more time for other more enjoyable activities.


Premium Wet Mop Pads (2 Pack) Thicker and Firmer Than Standard Wet Pads. The Edges Extend Beyond The Metal Frames, But Remain Firm For Reaching Into Corners.

  • ALL PURPOSE PADS: Use as a Wet Mop Pad or a Dust Mop Pad. Great on All Floor Types
  • PREMIUM YET ECONOMICAL: For Many Household, This Pad May BE All You Need. These Pads Are Our Lowest Price Pads and Are More Durable Than Many Other Standard Wet Pads.
  • WASHABLE: Washable: Safe For Machine Washing and Machine Drying.
  • STANDARD SIZE: At 18 Inches by 5 Inches, These Pads Will Fit Most 16 Inch to 18 Inch Microfiber Mop Frames.

Spend less money and yet get a quality pad that will last a long time and will handle just about any floor cleaning job you need to do. At Keeble Outlets, we want to make sure that you are getting a quality pad. Why pay for something you will have to throw away and replace in a months time. These pads may be more expensive than other initially, but will end up being more economical over the long haul.


Microfiber Mop Pads Combo Pack – Reduce Your Cleaning Time and Get Better Results with This Collection of Our Best Performing Mop Pads


  • WHITE SCRUBBING WET MOP PAD: The Most Expensive and Yet The Most Effective Pad We Have For Removing Dirt On Your Floors. Our Best Performing Mop Pad for Hardwood Floors.
  • GREEN DUST MOP PAD: Removes More Dust Per Swipe Than Standard Dust Pads. A Must For Any Home With Pets.
  • BLUE ALL PURPOSE MOP PAD: The Versatility of a Wet Pad or a Dust Pad. Great for Those Lighter Cleaning Days.
  • WASHABLE: All Three Pads are Machine Washable and Dry-able
  • STANDARD SIZES: All Pads are 18 Inches By 5 Inches and Will Fit Most 16 Inch to 18 Inch Microfiber Mop Frames.

Handle all your floor cleaning jobs, reduce your time cleaning and get better overall results with this combo pack of quality mop pads. You really won’t believe the effectiveness of these pads until you try them. Each pad has a specialty purpose, but they are all effective on all floor types. Give them a try and you will be glad you did.